Colawork creates a company's recognition-rich culture based on its core values.

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Simply make recognition to employees with collaboration tools

In order to improve employee engagement, it is important to establish a corporate culture and share core values.


Earn points through recognition and use them in the marketplace

The right reward program based on contributions and activities increases employee satisfaction.


Evaluate employees based on accumulated data of recognition

Measure employee engagement and contribution based on objective data.


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Check to see the various statistics and point usage among employees with Colawork.
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Colawork can easily be integrated with Slack.
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Joon Yoo
CEO@DS Housing
“The workplace atmosphere has defintely transformed.”
Public appreciation felt weird at first, but Colawork improved every aspect of the recognition process among team members.
YoungKyung Yoon
CEO@Ollin Golf
“Colawork definitely increased our employees engagement.”
It is interesting to see how hard employees work to receieve acknowledgement after introducing Colawork. It's a great service that adds a little bit of enjoyment to the work.
Jay Jung
“Convenient integration with collaboration tools.”
Colawork’s collaboration tool integration makes easy for us to use. There is no need for us to install or connect to a separate system.
David Kim
CEO@Studex Korea
“Best tool for ice breaking.”
Online conversation vibe has warmed up since the integration of Colawork app. All our members are looking forward to the full version of the app.


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